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The Plastic NP

Neck Rejuvenation

The best neck rejuvenation results come from combination treatment plans. When we pair Hyperdilute Radiesse injections and Botox with lasers or microneedling we see huge transformations in the neck appearance of our clients. Hyperdilute Radiesse can be injected to thicken lax skin and smooth crepey texture by building collagen and elastin over. Patients should expect to see results within 6 months after a series of 2 to 3 HD Radiesse treatments on the neck.

Botox is injected into the bands of the platysma muscle to lift the neck and soften the pulling force it can have on the face. Patients will see a lifted neck appearence in two weeks that can be maintained with their regular face Botox routine.

RF Microneedling can build collagen on the face, neck and declottee with little down time. This is a perfect complementary treatment for HD Radiesse and Botox.