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Stacked Skincare

Dermarolling Tool

The Dermarolling Tool was created to work with your skin and speed up its natural regeneration timeline to see firmness and new hair growth within a few weeks. 

  • Creates the appearance of plumper, firmer skin on the body
  • Stimulates hair growth on the scalp with regular use

Recommended purchasing with the Replaceable Micro Roller Head Twin Pack.

This Tool is U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Certified.  

How to Use

Section face off into four areas: forehead, cheeks, lips & chin, neck. Roll vertically 2-3 times per section. Roll horizontally 2-3 times per section. Roll diagonally 2-3 times per section. After using the Microneedling Tool, disinfect it using 91% alcohol. Simply spray the roller head and allow to fully dry before storing.