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The Plastic NP

Lip Fillers

The Plastic NP team provides one of the top lip filler services in Dallas. Our injectors focus on providing medical height, a flat profile, and a crisp border with beautiful taper for every lip filler procedure. We inject FDA-approved Hyaluronic acid gel filler into the lip that lasts up to a year.

Some patients fall in love with the swelling and want to add more filler about a month later. We take great care not to overfill the lips. Once reaching the desired size and shape many of our patients retouch their lip filler once a year.
Swelling is often very noticeable the first and second day after your lip filler procedure. Bruising is also common and may last up to 14 days.
To prepare for your procedure: avoid alcohol, smoking, aspirin (unless prescribed by your healthcare provider), and other blood thinning agents for at least 7 days.