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Stephanie Fallman

Stephanie Fallman, RN has always had a love for the medical and beauty field. In fact, her love for both dates back to her highschool days. I know, I know, if you see her skin, you would think she is still in high school, but that is just because she follows all of the recommendations she gives to her patients! After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, Stephanie went on to pursue and build a successful nursing career. With nearly 11 years of experience, Stephanie has taken care of a wide range of patients in a variety of settings to include hospice case manager and an ultra sound IV nurse at Dallas' very own Parkland Hospital. She's one of the softest and most well placed sticks around. When Stephanie turned 30, she had her first Botox treatment and was hooked after that. In the few years since, she has tried all of the services she offers to her patients and decided to use her medical knowledge to pursue a career in aesthetics. Since then, she has thrown herself full force into trainings and gaining experience in the areas of neuromodulators, full face rejuvenation, PDO threads, and microneedling. She treats each patient with the same care that she gives to her own skin. Ultimately, she wants each patient to leave feeling confident and beautiful.

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