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Options For A Non Surgical Nose Job And A Youthful Look Without Surgery

Women and men in Dallas, Texas, and the nearby areas often have a desire to change some aspect of their appearance. At The Plastic NP, we provide a range of services that are customized to meet the needs of each of our clients.

We offer amazing results without the need for surgical procedures. Our non surgical nose job can lift and change the shape of the nose without the risk of surgery. The use of injections to change the shape of the nose also means no downtime for patients, with the process completed in our offices. The results of a non surgical nose job are subtle and natural, creating the profile you have always wanted.

Options to a Surgical Facelift

A surgical facelift is not the only option for creating a youthful look. Depending on the specifics of the individual’s face, injections that eliminate tear troughs and smooth out the area under the eye and into the cheek will get rid of a tired or an older look around the eyes.

Threads can also be used to visibly lift the skin and to tighten up the jawline and the cheek area. Lip injections enhance the plumpness and shape of the lips, and can also be used to balance the face.

The Best Botox in Dallas, Texas

With over a decade and half working as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Jen Pilotte has the experience and expertise to provide the best Botox and skincare services in the Metroplex.

If you are considering lip injections, Botox, or a non surgical nose job or facelift, schedule an appointment at The Plastic NP.