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Why Microtox is the Next BIG Thing

Plastic NP Orders | 04 May, 2022

            Why Microtox is the Next BIG Thing

Big results from microdosing injections

We’ve all heard of Botox, but have you heard about “microtox?” Yes, it’s a real thing and yes, it’s worth your attention. 📣 As the name suggests, microtoxing involves a smaller, less invasive treatment but yields BIG results for my patients.

Botox first made its debut in the mid-1990s. Since then, injectors have been discovering the best ways to deliver different results with the same syringe. 💉 Different people need more customized treatments and techniques to satisfy their unique goals. Enter: Microtox.

Read on to learn more about the microtox technique and how it could work for you!


Microtox isn’t a new formula or injectable - it’s a strategic method of injecting it. This technique involves microdosing, usually with a diluted solution of Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®.

The key to the technique is the delivery of multiple, evenly distributed microdroplets in the surface layer of the skin, leaving the deeper layers and muscles intact. This shallower injection only targets the skin where oil production, facial flushing and acne occur. This technique is popular in the forehead, but can also be effective in the lower face and neck.

Since its inception, the microtox technique has evolved into a versatile method that still decreases fine lines and wrinkles, but it does not weaken or paralyze the muscle like traditional Botox administration does.

This technique was originally termed Mesobotox. However, that term was thrown out when the more suitable name “MicroBotox” was coined in 2002.

So how exactly does microtox differ from traditional Botox? That’s what I’ll cover next.


My patients always ask me: “Isn’t my forehead going to freeze from Botox?”

From Botox? Ya maybe, but not from the microtox technique. That’s the difference: Microtox treatments deliver more natural results while traditional Botox administration is designed to iron out wrinkles.

Let me explain…

Botox patients felt their foreheads were too stiff and had difficulty lifting their brows or showing expressions. Many even experienced droopy eyebrows or loss of definition in the eyelid crease. This is a result from injecting too much Botox to achieve the perfectly smooth forehead.

Not everyone wants a perfectly smooth forehead, especially at the expense of permanently angry-looking eyebrows! As practitioners refined their techniques over the years, they realized a natural, smooth-looking (but not “perfect”) forehead is highly desirable.

In short, microtox gives a natural appearance without the over-Botoxed look. Patients want different results and depending on a wide variety of factors, different techniques are effective. I use both, among others!


There are many benefits of getting smaller, neurotoxin injections, aka microtox. This technique:

💉 Improves the sheen and texture of the skin
💉 Decreases sweat, oil and sebum production (yes, fewer breakouts!)
💉 Improves the appearance of acne and rosacea
💉 Reduces the appearance of big pores
💉 Decreases fine lines without prohibiting deeper muscle movement
💉 Lifts and sculpts the jawline
💉 Smooths the neck and under-eyes

If you’re looking to improve deep creases and wrinkles, you may need deeper injections. No worries, since an experienced injector will know what’s best for you and may implement multiple techniques during your appointment.


It’s just like Botox, but with a few more pricks. On average, the forehead will be covered with 40 to 50 injection points. A topical anesthetic may be applied beforehand to ease any discomfort, but patients don’t usually experience pain.

Results are contingent on if the neurotoxin is diluted, by how much, and how quickly your body absorbs it. Every patient is different, but I tell people to expect results to last about three to four months. As you continue treatments, longer results are possible.


Right here, with me. I'm Jen Pilotte and I’m one of Dallas’ top Botox® and Filler injectors so I know a thing or two about the microtox technique. Not to mention, I’m well-versed in plenty of other injection techniques to achieve the results you’re looking for.

We perform Microtox for clients from all over Texas plus other award-winning services at The Plastic NP. Book an appointment or consultation today and we’ll design an action plan for you and your beauty goals!