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3 Things You Didn't Know About Lip Fillers

Plastic NP Orders | 04 May, 2022

            3 Things You Didn't Know About Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are in high demand these days. It’s the go-to treatment here at The Plastic NP™. Whether you’re new to lip fillers or have been getting them for years, I still get asked the same questions about the after-effects of lip injections. A new bump here, swelling there. It’s scary when you’re new to this!

Before you sign yourself up for some lip rehab, take a chill pill. If you work with a top lip injector who knows the latest techniques, uses quality brands, and has hundreds of happy patients, chances are, you’re in good hands.

Here are three things that many don’t know about lip fillers!

1. Lumps & bumps are normal

Not cute, but nothing to worry about. Lumps and bumps are normal in the first 30 days after lip filler injections. It’s simply an irritation in response to the injection, but rest assured. The bumps will usually dissipate within a few days. What’s that saying, “beauty is sacrifice”?

To alleviate these unsightly mounds, you can do a light rolling massage between two fingers after 2 days. Do not “workout” your lips straight after injections. For instance, don’t engage in an intense makeout, or any other fun “adult” activities.

2. The real swelling starts on Day Two

Many of my clients waltz out of my office with fresh lip fillers walking on a cloud. They go out that night looking and feeling great, only to wake up to extra swollen lips the next morning. Remember: the real swelling starts on Day Two.

I warn clients of this, since many receive injections and don’t notice immediate swelling and think they’re in the clear. Before you swipe right and book a hot date, just take note that swelling has a delayed start. You’ll love your injector again by Day Five 🤣.

To alleviate swelling, gently apply a cold compress or ice pack. This can also help reduce those lumps and bumps mentioned earlier!

3. You don’t (always) need a full syringe

Always remember, there WILL be swelling, especially after your first time. Your lips will shrink to their proper, new size within about a week! Once you gauge your new pout, we can build upon that. It’s also preferred that you don’t show up to your next gathering looking like you had a lip transplant out of the blue 😂. Plump them up over time.

Where is the best place for lip injections in Dallas?

These three things are three great reasons to see a top Botox and Filler injector, like ME! I’m Jen Pilotte and I’m one of the top lip injectors here in Dallas, TX at The Plastic NP™. I offer multiple types of lip injections and have performed countless lip procedures for clients from all over Texas.

Book a consultation with me and feel free to ask me anything. I take pride in knowing each of my patients, and caring about their results!