Treat Tech Neck with Microbotox and Fillers

Microbotx and fillers for Tech Neck in Dallas, TX

Treat Tech Neck with Microbotox and Fillers

You may be surprised to know a body part that I actually need to treat quite frequently – the neck!! ? Believe it or not, this area gets very neglected. For one, many people forget to put sunscreen there, leaving that thin skin very exposed. Secondly, everyone is hunched over their technology – hence the word “tech” ? ?. Not only is this bad for your posture, it is also horrible for your skin. In fact, any creases and wrinkles are usually magnified even more, due to this positioning. Unfortunately, quite a few of you work jobs that require you to be on your technology most of the day. While paying attention to your posture will definitely help in the future, can past tech neck wrinkles still be removed? Well, I’m glad you asked that question, because I ??‍♀️, Jen Pilotte, am one of Dallas’s top Aesthetic Injectors and I give a treatment specifically for tech neck at Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery!

How Do We Treat Tech Neck?

We use two different treatments on your neck wrinkles: hyper-diluted microbotox and an HA (hyaluronic acid) filler. Both of these combine to relax wrinkles and then elevate them, resulting in a smoother appearance. Read a more in-depth description of each treatment below.

Hyper-diluted Microbotox: Microbotox is actually becoming quite the trend these days. This treatment is basically Botox®, but in much smaller doses. Microbotox, especially when hyper-diluted, is a much more mild treatment than a standard Botox® procedure. We like to do a microbotox treatment on the neck, due to the thinner skin.  In fact, too much Botox on the neck could cause that dreaded stiff and frozen look. The main goal of the microbotox is just to stop the surrounding muscles from contracting, but in a natural looking way. We don’t want the patient to fill stiff or restricted when he/she turns their head. Actually smoothing out and filling in the wrinkles is done in the next step…

HA Fillers: Hyaluronic Acid fillers are a great way to smooth out the wrinkles and ultimately add additional volume. Dr. Joshua Zeichner has a great metaphor for this: “Think of Botox like unfolding a tablecloth to blow in the wind… if the folds are not deep, they will go away on their own, but in some cases, you may need an iron to fully eliminate them. The iron is the filler used to directly address these individual neck lines.”

Microbotox and filler to treat tech neck in Dallas, tX

How Soon Until I See The Results And How Long Do They Last?

These treatments will begin to work in very different time frames. The Botox® takes anywhere from five days to a week to show. The filler is made to go in effect almost immediately! Botox will last for around three to five months. The neck fillers usually last for up to a year. After analyzing your aesthetic goals and skin structure, we can help you know when to come back in for any follow-up treatments.

How Painful Is The Tech Neck Treatment?

Both the microbotox and HA filler treatments are slightly uncomfortable, probably close to a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-10. We typically have our patients put on numbing cream right before the treatment.

How Much Recovery Time is Needed?

Very little recovery time is required. You can usually go right back to your normal activities the next day. Keep in mind, there will most likely be some mild bruising, though.

Where Can I Get A Tech Neck Treatment in Dallas, TX?

You’re talking to the right girl! ??‍♀️ I, Jen Pilotte, am one of the top Botox® and Filler injectors in Dallas, Texas. At Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery, we give tech neck treatments to both men and women, as well as an array of other anti-aging treatments. Reach out TODAY to book a consultation! We can assess your desired goals, and see if a tech neck treatment is best for you!