The Non-Surgical Nose Job in Dallas, TX

Non-surgical nose job

The Non-Surgical Nose Job in Dallas, TX


Non-surgical nose job, Dallas

The nose sits center stage on your face and – like many of you know – is a very polarizing facial feature. Many are self-conscious about their sniffer and with so many components, the tiniest tweak to a ?? can make a world of difference. But when contouring just doesn’t cut it, what other options are there besides a full-on Rhinoplasty? NOW, there’s a non-surgical nose job with serious results that you can do right here in Dallas. Here’s everything you need to know. ⬇️

Common nose complaints can be fixed non-surgically

My clients are just like everyone else out there and many are embarrassed by their nose or wish something was different about it. Here are the top nose complaints I hear and how I can fix them in-office, temporarily and non-surgically:  


❌ “I have too much nasal flare.”

✅ Botox in the ala (the muscles that open nostrils)


❌ “My nose has a ‘Droopy’ tip.”

✅ Filler in the tip or PDO threads to support and lift the nose tip (without adding volume!)


❌ “The tip of my nose drops when I smile or talk.”

✅ Botox in the nasal septum


❌ “Fix my Dorsal hump!” 

✅ Filler above and below to camouflage the bump


❌ “I have a flat nose and wide bridge.”

✅ Combination of filler and threads to build up the bridge


Not all noses were created equal. They are all unique and have their own shape. If you’re living with any of these feelings, don’t worry – you’re not alone. You just might be a candidate for a non-surgical nose job. Let’s avoid the scalpel and rhinoplasty if we can (boy, bye).

What’s a non-surgical nose job?

Non-surgical nose jobs, or liquid rhinoplasties, are an incredible option for those wishing to tweak their nose. Through a combination of modern treatments like Botox, various dermal fillers, and PDO threads, avoiding surgery is possible. It’s similar to a non-surgical facelift. Strategic placement and a combination of non-invasive treatments have the potential to make a BIG difference. 

However, all of these treatments are temporary. Therefore, a non-surgical nose job does require maintenance and touch-ups (more on that later). Also, depending on the severity of the nose job, there are limitations.

For example, I can only make noses bigger with filler. That means I have limitations to how much I can lift the tip or straighten the bridge. Additionally, I have “stopping” points. The simplest example of this is during a tinker bell tip lift (I see you ??‍♀️). We want to avoid the nose tip looking bulbous! Or when camouflaging a hump with filler, we are careful about the nasal take off to avoid giving my patient an avatar-esque appearance. I’m also cautious about ischemia compression.

Hold-up, what’s “compression ischemia “?

Compression ischemia occurs when overfilling the nose. Swelling plus the addition of fillers can compress arteries and limit blood flow to nose tissue. This can cause serious damage and scarring to the face. This is why it’s important to only trust an experienced professional with your aesthetic needs.

But don’t freak out! It’s easy to avoid this. Often, I have my patients come back for a follow-up treatment 8 weeks later so that I can build higher – SAFELY. This is also where PDO threads can supplement lift without adding volume or contribute to vascular compromise. See? All good. ?

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Non-surgical nose jobWhat to expect after a non-surgical nose job

A lot of people don’t like their nose. Nose reshaping was the third most popular surgical cosmetic procedure in 2017. Since then, the number of traditional rhinoplasties has been slightly decreasing. Why? 

Non-surgical nose jobs are generally painless. Some patients might feel a bit of discomfort or experience bruising, swelling, or redness, however, there’s virtually no downtime. You can skip the pain and recovery of traditional surgery with fewer side effects AND achieve similar results. Plastic surgeons consider non-surgical nose jobs to be efficient and safe.

Another bonus? Fillers are temporary – even reversible. If somehow you don’t like the results, fillers can be dissolved or will wear off over time. There’s no real risk of trying it.

How long does it last?

Depending on your unique nose structure and the fillers we use, results can last from months to years. In general, I tell my clients to expect 2-3 touchups per year. It’s simple to sync these appointments ?️ with your other lip injections and botox or filler touchups.

Where can I get a non-surgical nose job in Dallas?

I’m Jen Pilotte and I’m one of Dallas’s top Botox and Filler injectors. I have safely and successfully performed countless non-surgical nose job procedures here in Dallas. These common non-invasive nose procedures produce amazing results for my patients – like the before and afters you see below ⬇︎.

Now that you know a bit more about what I can do, book a consultation with me to see if this procedure is right for you – and your nose. Smell ya later! ??

Non-surgical nose job before and afters Non-surgical nose job