Treat Sunken Eyes Naturally with PRF Injections

PRF for sunken eyes in Dallas, TX

As if you need another acronym to memorize ?, but I promise PRF is worthy of your attention ??. PRF injections are the next generation of platelet-rich treatments and are rising in popularity to treat aging skin, especially under-eye hollows. It’s no surprise that many of my patients are curious to know more about the many benefits of PRF.

Here’s a quick overview of exactly why PRF is such a big freaking deal, especially here in Dallas. Disclaimer: I’m kinda obsessed ? and you’ll soon learn why.

What is PRF?

So what is PRF? Well, PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin and it’s actually derived from your own blood. Immediately before your treatment, blood is drawn (like any normal blood test) and placed into a specialized centrifuge that separates PRF from red blood cells. The end result is your personal PRF: a concentrated mix of your fibrin, growth factors, and white blood cells. This is then injected via a syringe. So think of PRF injections as your unique, personal, natural skin rejuvenation serum.

So, what are the benefits of PRF?

PRF candidates are seeking smoother, younger skin. PRF has been shown to provide rejuvenating effects for the skin by boosting collagen production and improving skin elasticity.

Specifically, PRF injections work great to upgrade soft facial tissue – like the thin skin under your eyes. A shot of PRF to the eye hollows can improve skin texture and tone plus reduce fine lines. Initially, the injection even acts as a temporary volumizer relieving that sunken look. But if you’re looking to really buff out your eye hollows, keep reading…!

PRF injections + PDO Threads = a dream team

In short? This combo is magical – let me explain… PRF packs a powerful collagen punch and PDO threads are used for lifting treatments, like a non-surgical facelift. When they’re combined, they can treat thin, crepey, dark under eyes. ?‍♀️

For eye hollows, PDO threads actually lift the under-eye skin while the PRF injections activate natural growth factors to boost collagen production. Increasing the volume of collagen helps naturally lift the skin while providing a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Even better? Just ONE session of PRF + PDO Threads can achieve serious results – like this client. As you can see, it’s a winning duo.

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What to expect during your PRF treatment for sunken eyes (READ THIS ??‍♀️!)

In general, the sessions are quite simple but they last one full hour. This includes 20 minutes of topical numbing time, drawing the blood to extract your PRF then your injections.

Recovery-wise, you should expect puffy under eyes for 5 to 7 days. Swelling and bruising are also normal, so plan at least 2 weeks ahead of any event or trips. But mark my words, post-treatment, you’ll be dying to get in front of a ?.

Warning ⚠️  Avoid blood-thinning medications for TWO weeks before your injections. That means no Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Excedrin, Aleve, vitamin E, fish oil, or omega 3s (unless approved by your medical provider). Also, you should avoid alcohol 3 days prior to your treatment. ???

Lastly, make sure that you’re working with an experienced injector. It’s tempting to save a few bucks and try someone newer, but both PRF and PDO threads are complicated procedures that require professional attention. PRF injections to the under-eyes (a very delicate area) are not the procedure to cut corners!

How long do PRF injections last?

Like any injection, it does require continued maintenance. Plans vary per client given our different skin conditions and needs. Generally speaking, PRF maintenance is every 8 to 12 months – not bad! For those new to PRF, I recommend two sessions to get full results, spaced 6 weeks apart. The beauty of PRF is that it naturally encourages collagen production to that area, prolonging the aesthetic benefits for months to come!

Where can I get PRF injections in Dallas, TX?

With me – Jen Pilotte! I’m proud to say I’m one of Dallas’ top Botox and Filler injectors and I offer PRF injections at my Dallas location. I have successfully performed countless PRF and PDO thread procedures for clients from all over Texas. These treatments produce amazing results – like these.

Reach out to book a consultation with me and we’ll explore what’s right for you: PRF, PDO, or another magical “cocktail” of injectors to achieve the exact results you’re dreaming of.