Male Facial Sculpting – Jawline Enhancement Procedure

Male Facial Sculpting with Fillers in Dallas, TX

Male Facial Sculpting – Jawline Enhancement Procedure


This one is for the guys ??‍♂️! If you found this article then you most likely were looking for a bit more information about Male Facial Sculpting in Dallas, Texas. You might be looking to enhance your facial profile with a more defined jaw and chin… kinda like a Calvin Klein model. Male Facial Sculpting has by far become one of the most sought-after treatments for men within the past few years. What exactly is Male Facial Sculpting? Will I look ‘done’? How long will the results last? Don’t worry guys, I’ve got you covered. I’ll answer all of your questions about achieving a more sculpted facial profile!

The History of Male Facial Sculpting

A strong, defined jawline is a staple in the fashion and entertainment industries when it comes to male talent. Face symmetry and strong features can be perceived as masculine, genetically blessed, and assertive. Many leading men in Hollywood Blockbusters have that sculpted jawline that contributes to sex appeal. For many years, the only way to achieve this look was by surgical means, like silicone chin or jaw implants. This is a pretty invasive procedure that runs the risk of infections, scars, unnatural-looking results, and potentially even a second surgery to remove the implants if the body rejects them. Given the high-risk factors associated with this elective procedure, many men were dissuaded from moving forward with the jaw and chin implants. As modern medical aesthetics began to release new hyaluronic acid fillers ? for the purpose of sculpting facial features with temporary and safe outcomes, men started to take notice. The modern techniques used to enhance the male facial structure are revolutionary, to say the least. Men can look and feel better about themselves with a more masculine and defined facial profile without anyone being the wiser ???‍♂️.

What is Male Facial Sculpting ?

The goal of enhancing men’s jawlines is to add width as well as contour. We want to achieve a wider jaw angle to make it look like a hypertrophied masseter muscle while maintaining the masseter notch. The chin is part of the jawline and needs a bit of attention as well. A wider, more pronounced chin contributes to the masculine look that many men are looking to achieve. Dermal fillers primarily made up of hyaluronic acid are injected along the jawline, above the masseter, and into the chin to increase projection and definition. Hyaluronic acid is a type of sugar and is a completely safe compound that your body naturally produces,

Additional Treatments Used in Male Facial Sculpting

Facial Sculpting for men is similar to profile balancing. Dermal fillers to the jaw and chin aren’t always going to be the only treatments needed to achieve that defined, sculpted look. A combination of treatments can ultimately help the patient see better results. Some of those treatments are:

Kybella™ – If you have a bit of a double chin AKA turkey neck, then we should address that to help your newly sculpted features stand out! Kybella™ is an injectable that works to permanently dissolve the fat under the chin. Some of us store more fat in our under-chin area than others. Genetics, diet, and age are all contributing factors to this. Fortunately, Kybella™ provides permanent results after 1-3 treatments depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Cheek Filler – High, prominent cheek bones are another feature that many leading men in the entertainment and fashion industries share. A sculpted jawline can become more prominent when balanced by defined cheekbones. This helps men achieve an overall symmetrical profile.

Temple Filler – As we age, men and women lose volume in different areas of our face because our body’s produce less collagen. Dermal fillers can help to restore volume in regions like the tear troughs, cheeks, and temples. Many men begin to experience a hollowed look in their temple region as their face begins to lose volume with age. Restoring volume in the temples with hyaluronic acid fillers is a vital step in the Male Facial Sculpting process to achieve symmetry and restore a more youthful appearance.

How Long Does it Last?

Typically, dermal fillers last between 9-12 months and sometimes longer. A touch-up treatment is recommended within 6 months depending on how fast your body metabolizes HA fillers.

Will People Know I Had it Done?

Gosh, that’s the beauty of this procedure. It looks so natural! The male face was meant to look like this! As the filler begins to settle, you’re just going to feel like you’ve always looked like this. Jen Pilotte is an expert injector of Botox and Dermal Fillers in Dallas, Texas. She has successfully performed the Male Facial Sculpting procedure on many male patients who have seen a visible improvement in facial symmetry and jawline definition. As a top aesthetic injector, Jen is experienced in adopting different treatment modalities that are tailored to the patient’s individual needs. Skin texture, facial hair, exercise regimen, etc. have to be taken into consideration when treating the male face with dermal fillers. A tailored treatment plan is necessary for each patient to receive the best possible outcome. Sticking to a routine maintenance plan will ensure that your strong, defined jawline is here to stay.