How to Fix Hollow Temples with Dermal Fillers

How to Fix Hollow Temples with Dermal Fillers

As we age, we lose volume in our face due to decreased collagen levels in the skin. This often results in hollows under the eyes or on the sides of the eyes, aka as your temples. Not only can this make you look older, it can give the illusion that you have a “peanut head” ?. Overall, it’s just not a very healthy look. Thankfully, I, Jen Pilotte, am able to offer treatments that counteract this effect ?. As one of Dallas’ top Botox and Filler injectors, I have performed countless injection treatments that restore that natural volume to the upper face.

What Are Some of the Causes of This “Peanut Head”?

In addition to the natural aging cycle, there are a few other leading causes of this ‘temple hollowing’. And believe it or not, they can come from making healthy lifestyle choices. Eating a relatively healthy diet in a slight caloric deficit can intensify the aging process and the hollowing of your temple region. Also, if you exercise regularly, especially heavy cardio, and already have a faster metabolism, there’s a chance that you could be adding fuel to the fire ?. It goes to show that too much of a good thing can bring its own set of problems ?. 

Are My Hollow Temples Severe Enough for Treatment?

Usually, it will be pretty obvious. Some key characteristics of this condition are a wide forehead, narrow temples and sunken cheeks. That’s sort of the perfect trifecta forming a more severe ‘hollowed temple’ look. If you’ll look at the picture of the man below, you’ll see that his temple hollows are pretty severe, making them obvious to the naked eye. A touch of filler would no doubt take a few years off of his face.

How Is This Hollowing Treated?

We have three objectives in our procedure for hollow temples. 

1) We aim to fill any concavities to a more neutral or flat position. 

2) We look to balance the temple volume with that of the rest of the face.

3) We smooth the transition between the forehead and the temples, and the cheeks and temples.

As with any volumizing treatment, we treat this through dermal filler injections ?. We typically have two different techniques that we use for the injection, the sharp needle technique and the cannula technique. 

Sharp Needle Technique: This method involves a sharp needle that goes very deep, usually to the bone in most instances. At a single point, the filler is injected. This technique requires a sizable amount of filler. Since this approach involves a deeper puncture, arteries are able to easily be avoided. 

Cannula Technique: The Cannula technique uses a blunt-tipped cannula. This is definitely a more surface level procedure, thus less product is required. Although this method is closer to the veins and arteries, the blunt tip makes it more difficult to puncture into them. Multiple small punctures are made in the skin, where the dermal filler is then injected. Knowledge of the facial anatomy and safe injecting is absolutely essential for your injector. If the filler is injected into a superficial temporal artery, you run the risk of blindness! 

What Types of Dermal Fillers Are Used?

We have three different types of filler that we usually use for this treatment. The chosen filler depends on the severity of the hollowing.

HA filler: HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers are made of a substance that is actually already found naturally in your body. This method is great adding some extra “hydration” to the skin. We use either Voluma, Lyft, or RHA4. An HA filler we usually last around 8-12 months.

Radiesse: Radiesse is calcium-based. It adds volume by getting your body to produce more collagen. We also offer a hyper-diluted Radiesse. The diluted Radiesse is mixed with saline or lidocaine. This diluted version can be especially helpful for issues with skin texture (wrinkles, scarring, etc.) Both versions of Radiesse will last 12-18 months. 

Sculptra: Sculptra is the longest lasting filler that we use for this; it is meant to fill gradually and last for up to three years. This poly-L-lactic acid substance is a biocompatible, biodegradable mixture. It also is usually injected the deepest out of all of these options. 

Where Can I Get Injections to Treat Hollow Temples in Dallas, Texas?

Jen Pilotte, “The Plastic NP” , is one of Dallas’ top injectors! She offers dermal filler treatments to address hollow temples. Book an appointment to see which filler treatment is right for you!