Get the Fox Eye Procedure with PDO Threads in Dallas, TX

Fox Eye Procedure with PDO Threads

Get the Fox Eye Procedure with PDO Threads in Dallas, TX

Fox Eye Procedure with PDO Threads

It’s time to get ? foxy! Have you heard about the Fox Eye or Cat Eye procedure taking Hollywood by storm? From LA to Dubai this is one of the most sought after treatments in the world of aesthetics. Well, the ladies of Dallas, TX want in on it and I’m happy to oblige. As a top injector of Botox and fillers, I’ve been fortunate enough to train with the best in the industry when it comes to non-invasive brow lifts to help my patients achieve that runway model look with no downtime. I can help you look and feel fierce with the Fox Eye procedure utilizing PDO Threads.

What are Fox Eyes?

Fox Eyes or Cat Eyes are often known as a makeup technique in which the eyeliner is exaggerated and extended further than the eyelids. Additionally, the Fox Eye or Cat Eye look can be achieved when the brows are lifted and angled in such a way that gives you stunningly fierce eyes. The Fox Eye procedure is essentially a non-invasive brow lift; all the results, but none of the downtime or risk for complications. Celebrity and fashion model Bella Hadid is well-known and envied for her Fox Eyes, but how did she achieve them? Well, I can’t speak on Bella’s behalf, but I can tell you how I can help you look just as snatched with brows higher than the ozone layer ?.

What Is The Fox Eye Procedure?

The Fox Eye Procedure will have you looking fresh off the runway within 45 minutes, no lie. What are we talking about here? PDO Threads… aka PDO sutures. There are different brands and versions of PDO Threads depending on the desired outcome and area to be treated, but they are essentially the same type of sutures that you may get after surgery; the kind that dissolves on their own. PDO stands for polydioxanone, which is safely absorbed by the body. These tiny threads are flexible and you won’t even feel them under the skin. PDO threads are designed to create a lifting effect once they are set in place by a medical professional. Additionally, PDO Threads stimulate collagen production under the skin in the treated area, resulting in skin rejuvenation.

What Happens During the Fox Eye Procedure?

Well, first I’ll mark your skin for point of insertion as well as anesthetize the area to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible during the procedure. After the small insertions are made then the PDO Threads will be inserted under the skin tissue via a long cannula. Once the threads are in just the right spot, the cannula will be removed, and the threads will be adjusted to ‘lift’ or ‘suspend’ the tissue into place. Any extra thread will be trimmed, leaving virtually no trace after the small insertion wound has healed.

How can I get Better Fox Eye Results?

I offer and recommend combination treatments, but only if you are ready to look SLAAAAY! As a top injector of fillers and Botox in Dallas, TX, I have helped many patients contour and sculpt their facial features with combination treatments. Neurotoxins, fillers, and PDO Threads are all designed to complement each other. While PDO Threads suspend the tissue above the brows to achieve that Fox Eye look, neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport help to freeze the overactive forehead muscles, prolonging the positive results of PDO Threads. Dermal fillers may be needed to fill-in temple hollows and accentuate cheekbones to further compliment your new Fox Eyes.

Are PDO Threads Safe Around the Eyes?

Yes! A clinical study was conducted to determine the efficacy and safety of PDO Threads in the upper and lower face. Most patients involved in the study saw little to no complications after receiving PDO Threads.

How Long Will I Continue to See Results After the Fox Eye Procedure?

Results vary from patient to patient, but patients usually see results up to 6-8 months post-treatment. Combination treatments with Botox and fillers can further enhance and prolong the positive results of the Fox Eye procedure with PDO Threads.

Where can I get the Fox Eye Procedure?

The Plastic NP®, AKA Jen Pilotte is an expertly trained Aesthetic Injector and has perfected her techniques after helping many patients achieve their Fox Eye goals with PDO Threads. Book a Consultation to see if the Fox Eye procedure is right for you!

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