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Everything You Need to Know About Microneedling

Microneedling has been around a long time, but this multi-purpose miracle has regained the spotlight with recent technological advancements and – you guessed it – social media. It’s no surprise why this treatment makes viral videos considering the sometimes bloody outcomes, but is it worth all that? Considering it treats everything from large pores to hair loss, it’s certainly another treatment to consider here in Dallas.

Here’s the 411 on microneedling. ⬇️

What’s microneedling and what are its benefits?

Microneedling is exactly what it sounds like [micro-needles]. It’s a rejuvenation treatment involving the insertion of very fine short needles, via a hand-held medical device designed to oscillate at a rapid speed (SkinPen is one of the more popular devices you may have heard of). These surface-level punctures actually cause tiny injuries to the skin (hence the blood). But your skin’s response to these pinpricks is building new collagen-rich tissue  ?, ooh la la.

So what are the benefits of becoming a human pin cushion? ?


? Generates new collagen production

? Improves the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks

? Makes skin tissue brighter, firmer, and more toned

? Minimizes the look of large pores

? Reduces cellulite and improves sagging skin

? Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines

We lose collagen as we age, so in short, microneedling is a way to develop new skin that’s more youthful in appearance. With so many benefits, microneedling can be performed all over the body but the face is the most common.

Can I microneedle at home with a dermaroller?

You may have heard about DIY microneedling. You can purchase a dermaroller and do treatments at home, however, it’s not nearly as effective and I DON’T RECOMMEND IT. At-home rollers hardly puncture the skin – if at all. There is also the scare of introducing bacteria to your body if you can’t properly sanitize your roller. No, thanks ?. Please leave the microneedling to the professionals because you can actually scar your skin and permanently damage the dermis layer. There is a reason why I received formal training to be able to use this device on patients. Throw out that dermaroller ASAP! Plus, professionals can combine microneedling with other treatments for a more elevated and effective experience… but more on that later.

Microneedling in Dallas, TX with Jennifer Pilotte.

What to expect from a professional microneedling session

The procedure can take up to two hours depending on how long it takes for the topical numbing cream to go into full effect. Rest assured, with a professional, you should feel zero to very little pain! ??‍♀️  Once your skin is numbed, we use a microneedling tool to create such tiny pricks, you won’t even see them. Just prepare, you might look a little scary if you take a selfie. ??(Remember that picture of Kim K. that went viral after her microneedling session?)

Full results can take a few weeks and multiple sessions to come to fruition, but I’ve known clients to leave the office glowing, plumped, and looking more rejuvenated than ever. Like Vogue says, most microneedling patients “leave feeling like they had the best facial ever.”

Since microneedling is minimally invasive, it requires no downtime and is totally safe! You may experience some redness or slight skin irritation for a few days after the procedure.

PRP and microneedling

Trained professionals are known to couple microneedling treatments with other procedures to boost efficacy and results. My favorite? PRP (platelet-rich plasma) because it improves healing with your own personal growth factors.

PRP can be injected or applied topically after microneedling is completed. Your skin gets a dose of its own medicine – quite literally. Your PRP reduces redness and swelling and can even speed up cell turnover, cutting the healing time in half!

Thanks to Kim K., this treatment almost broke the internet. ?

Where can I get microneedling done in Dallas?

With me! Hi, Jen Pilotte here and I’m one of Dallas’ top filler injectors and of course, I perform microneedling too. I’ve been microneedling from the start of the microneedling craze right here in Dallas, TX and happily producing amazing results for my patients – like these. Let’s see if microneedling (and what else) is right for you by booking a consultation.