SEE SERVICES At The Plastic NP, in Dallas, TX, teamwork makes the dream work! Without this amazing group of talented, driven, highly-educated team we wouldn’t be able to give you the service and results you deserve. STEPHANIE FALLMAN, RN JEN PILOTTE, FOUNDER BOOK NOW Jen Pilotte is a Nurse Practitioner and Founder of The Plastic NP located within Lemmon Avenue plastic surgery center. Her aesthetic journey started 15 years ago when she began working for a physician owned medical spa as a high schooler. She continued in medical aesthetics throughout nursing school and grad school. Her education has always been very important to me in my career and otherwise. Her motto has always been to do things the right way. No shortcuts! As an Aesthetic NP, She’s immersed herself in the art of Injectables and strive to learn from the best in her industry. BOOK NOW Stephanie is a Registered Nurse, RN ADN, of ten years who has a passion, or possibly an obsession with skincare. She worked as an RN at Parkland Hospital for seven years and has seen it all. She transitioned to Lemon Avenue Plastic Surgery Center and worked in the overnight surgery division. Her skincare goals for her clients are to help them achieve and maintain their dream skin, even on the days don’t feel well, ate bad, or when nothing else seems to be going right. She also loves her two dogs and her husband (in no particular order of course.)